EDCSP Opinion 26: The EU and Post-2015: priorities for the Italian presidency Simon Maxwell comments on the European Commission’s communication on post-2015 and suggests some priorities for the Italian presidency of the European Council.

EDCSP Opinion 25: Is the EU making an argument to transform aid? And is it right? Simon Maxwell comments on the EU Accountability Report 2013 on Financing for Development and the accompanying commission communication, Beyond 2015: towards a comprehensive and integrated approach to financing poverty eradication and sustainable development.

EDCSP Opinion 24: Can the EU deliver joined-up thinking and action in international development? Eight steps for a better External Action Service In this opinion, Simon Maxwell recommends eight changes to help the EU deliver joined-up thinking and action in international development.

EDCSP Opinion 23: In this opinion, Pitching on the post-2015 goals: A Decent Life for All, Simon Maxwell comments on the European Commission’s Communication on the post-2015 goals.

EDCSP Opinion 22:How can the EU take forward the resilience agenda: a ten point plan In this opinion, Simon Maxwell, places the European Commission Communication on ‘The EU approach to resilience’ within context.

EDCSP Opinion 21: A waymark reached. Is the finish line in sight? In this opinion, Simon Maxwell and Mikaela Gavas analyse the Conclusions regarding the new EU development policy, ‘Agenda for Change’.

EDCSP Opinion 20: Evaluating EU aid: A booming business! In this opinion, Mikaela Gavas analyses the two latest reports on EU development aid: The UK’s House of Commons International Development Committee (IDC) inquiry, and the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) peer review.

EDCSP Opinion 19: Where are the biggest gains in aid effectiveness –practically speaking? In this opinion, Simon Maxwell examines the practical implications of the benefits of measures to improve aid effectiveness at European level.

EDCSP Opinion 18: Time to end ambiguity in European policy-making. In this opinion, Simon Maxwell critically analyses the ambiguity of European policy-making, taking as a case study the European Commission’s Communication on ‘Trade, Growth and Development: Tailoring trade and investment policy for those countries most in need”.

EDCSP Opinion 17: Sustainable Energy for All: Milestone on a road to where?. In this opinion, Andrew Scott analyses the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative.

EDCSP Opinion 16: EU budget surprise: Member States proposing budgetisation of the EDF. In this opinion, Simon Maxwell and Siân Herbert question why budgetisation of the EDF is back on the informal agenda.

EDCSP Opinion 15: Too much aid to middle income countries? the EU’s aid allocation conundrum. In this opinion, Simon Maxwell examines whether too much EU development aid goes to middle income countries

EDCSP Opinion 14: Re-thinking Europe: what development can offer. In this opinion, Simon Maxwell suggests three ways in which development can contribute to our European objectives.

EDCSP Opinion 13: An Agenda for Change for EU Development Policy. In this opinion, Mikaela Gavas, Siân Herbert and Simon Maxwell analyse the European Commission’s latest development strategy – An Agenda for Change.

EDCSP Opinion 12: Budget support is becoming an endangered species: what Busan must do to save it. In this opinion, Simon Maxwell sets out a way forward for Busan to help shape future policy on budget support.

EDCSP Opinion 11: The European Commission one year in. How is it doing? In this opinion, Simon Maxwell assesses the European Commission’s record on development cooperation over the last 12 months.

EDCSP Opinion 10: Playing Poker with EU Development Policy In this opinion, Simon Maxwell, explores the content and politics of the European Commission’s Green Paper on EU development policy.

EDCSP Opinion 9: A u-turn on the European External Action Service? Where is development? This Opinion explores the most recent organogram of the new EEAS and its implications for development cooperation.

EDCSP Opinion 8: It’s time to articulate the Commander’s Intent.  In this Opinion, also published by Europe’s World, Simon Maxwell explains why EU Development Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, must now set a clear and concise strategy for EU development policy.

EDCSP Opinion 7: Summer surprise or summer shock? How did the EU’s development ministers treat the Commission’s Spring Package? This EDCSP Opinion explores the outcome of the FAC Conclusions on the Spring Package.

EDCSP Opinion 6: Four tests for the EU’s engagement with the private sector This EDCSP Opinion sets out four specific tests for the EU’s new strategy on the private sector’s role in development.

EDCSP Opinion 5: Result! A development-proof External Action Service. Almost. This EDCSP Opinion explores what the final deal on the EAS means for development.

EDCSP Opinion 4: Putting the right words in the right order: Reflections on the Report of the Reflection Group.  This EDCSP Opinion examines a report on the future of the EU to 2030 by the ‘Wise Persons’ Group.

EDCSP Opinion 3: Reorganising Europe’s foreign affairs: what role for international development? This EDCSP Opinion explores what sort of deal the EU’s new foreign affairs structure is for development.

European Think Tanks’ Open Letter to Commission.  In an open letter to Barroso, Ashton and Piebalgs, four European think tanks outline the key decisions for development in the establishment of the EAS.

EDCSP Opinion 2: The Spring Package is a promising start.  Simon Maxwell and Mikaela Gavas evaluate the Commission’s 2010 Spring Package.

EDCPS Opinion 1: Two mottos for the new leadership team in Brussels This EDCSP Opinion explores the task ahead for the newly appointed leadership team in Brussels.

Europe: the world awaits.  In this article published in Europe’s World and Dagens Industri, Simon Maxwell et al explore what the world can expect of Europe in 2010.

International Aid: what sort of structure should it have? In this video interview from the European Development Days, Simon Maxwell discusses the global architecture of the aid system.

From regional club to global player: how Lisbon could transform Europe.   In this ODI blog, Mikaela Gavas and Simon Maxwell examine how the Lisbon treaty could put the EU in a stronger position.

Getting the EU’s development architecture right.  Mikaela Gavas blogs on some of the options for the future of the EU’s development cooperation architecture.

Three Months to Shape Europe’s International Role.  Decisions made over a period of three months in 2009 shaped Europe’s future international role. This article, published in Die Zeit, openDemocracy and The Broker, outlines six conditions that must be met if these decisions are to fulfil their progressive potential.

Reading Between The Lines: Are European Development Ministers Living Up To Expectations? Mikaela Gavas and Simon Maxwell discuss the key outcomes of the meeting of European development ministers in May 2009.

Dealing with the crisis: here comes the EU.  Simon Maxwell blogs on the publication of new proposals by the European Commission for tackling the global crisis.